"Time Machine"... ancient & modern instruments, melodies & cultures


 Puddingstone is perfect for community concerts, educational programs, weddings, receptions, corporate functions and more. 

For availability and costs please contact Suzanne Williams, manager: 828-238-0947 




Tech Requirements for stage concerts

  • Lighting: Spot for each performer with a general wash for background to set mood.

  • Sound: We will bring our own microphones, (and stands if needed). We can feed from our general mixing board (Alesis 1622) to the house system via quarter inch plugs.

  • Please supply 2-3 stage monitors.

  • Please provide at least one person to help with unloading and loading.


Other Information

We have many valuable musical instruments so it is preferable if the site location has insurance to cover any loss or damage to our instruments.

If we play an evening concert more than 175 miles from Lenoir, NC, we request overnight accommodations and meals.

We request light refreshments be available prior to performances.


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